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This company uses deceptive practices to steal contact information from your personal files. Ever notice how they do it? Next time you click on the icon on your iPhone, take a minute to carefully read the first screen. If you're not extremely vigilant, you give them permission to access your database of contacts. Very sneaky. Add comment

I signed up and paid the full price for the 30 day recruiting services... I told them I only wanted 30 days... I hade some health issues and when i recoverd I discover that they continued to charge my account at the full rate for 5 months... They were told to cancel it and refund my money and the waited and when they responded it was with 3 options... The one they recommended was using the product up for the rest of the month ... They were clearly given instructions to stop chargin me immediately and have a supervisor contact me in my emails... Read more

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After google farmed my identification out to an obviously irresponsible if not criminal third party somewhere profiles using my name began popping up on social sites across the web. While most of the sites have been very cooperative and thorough in removing these profiles once i contact them linkedin seems to really have no way of being contacted regarding such a matter. The most i could find is go to our help page blah blah. I did and it seems as though i have to login to my linkedin account which someone else has made in my name so obviously... Read more

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Recently, I have been getting emails from LinkedIn on the behalf of a friend of mine who wants me to join. Well, I ignore the emails because I am not into social media-period and I have a right not to be involved with social media. However, after deleting the emails, they keep sending the emails to my junk mail account and I keep deleting the messages without opening them. They need to tell my friend that I won't join his group, etc and to stop sending me emails without my permission. If I do not reply, It means NO-period! I want them to... Read more

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I made a mistake with LinkedIn and signed up for a premium plan, not knowing there was a free option. Less than a week later, I contacted the company, explained my mistake, and asked for a refund. Not only would the company not only offer a full refund, they wouldn't even offer a partial, prorated refund. The agent, Andrew, from LinkedIN, said sorry, "no services are refundable." Huh? I am now contacting television stations and print media to see if others have had similar negative experiences. LinkedIn should have a policy that reflects the... Read more

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I am a "premium" or "paying" member of LinkedIn. My account access was disabled with warning or explanation. I run a "group" in LinkedIn, and my inability to access my account is damaging my professional reputation. I believe that I have been discriminated against because I am an "open networker" on LinkedIn, seeking to connect with as many other business people as possible. LinkedIn has at no time contacted me with any explanations as to why my account access has been disabled, despite numerous emails... Read more

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